Is Alcohol Soluble in Water

Is Alcohol Soluble in Water?

Alcohol is an organic compound containing at least one hydroxyl (-OH) functional group. These are volatile flammable liquids that are usually colorless and are formed as the product of the …

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Is LiOH a Strong Base?

LiOH is referred to as Lithium hydroxide, which belongs to the family of hydroxides of alkali metals, i.e. Group 1 metal. The molar mass of LiOH is 24 g/mol and …

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Is H2O Ionic or Covalent?

Water is a colorless, tasteless, odorless inorganic compound. It constitutes the maximum percentage of the earth’s hydrosphere (71%) as well as the human body (60%) and is found in all …

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Is Acetic Acid a Strong Acid?

Acetic acid is a synthetic carboxylic acid. It is a colorless acidic organic liquid with a vinegar-like smell. In industries, acetic acid is formed by rhodium-iodine catalyzed carbonylation of methyl …

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Is HCN a Strong Acid

Is HCN a Strong Acid?

Hydrocyanic acid is also known as Formonitrile or Prussic acid is a colorless gas or liquid that has the faint smell of bitter almonds. It has a molar mass of …

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KNO3 Acid or Base

Is KNO3 an Acid or a Base?

Potassium nitrate (KNO3) is an odorless crystalline solid that ranges in color from white to dirty grey. They are water-soluble, non-combustible compounds that speed up the combustion of combustible materials. …

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