Can you recycle aluminum foil

Can You Recycle Aluminum Foil?

Have you ever wondered about the properties of the foil used to keep food warm? Yes, I am talking about aluminum foil. It is a widely used product for keeping …

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Can You Recycle Light Bulbs

Can You Recycle Light Bulbs?

Invented in 1879, light bulbs are an essential part of our daily lives. Even though newer technology has ensured a longer life for light bulbs, we can all occasionally hear …

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Does Vinegar Remove Urine Odor?

Your pet may have just peed on your carpet, or someone could be bedridden in your home and has accidentally peed. Are you tensed about your perfectly fine carpet getting …

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Why does wood Float on water

Why Does Wood Float on Water?

Millions felt the repelling force of the water, but Archimedes asked why. Just like yours, it was his curiosity that started at a young age and ended at the principle …

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Does Brass Conduct Electricity

Does Brass Conduct Electricity?

Brass is primarily an alloy composed of copper and zinc and brass is a general name for a series of copper and zinc alloys. Brasses have different proportions of zinc …

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Does Propane Go Bad

Does Propane Go Bad?

Propane is a widely used fuel in America. Have you ever heard of it? Well, propane is commonly known as LPG, i.e., Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Now, it must have rung …

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Is CO Ionic or Covalent

Is CO Ionic or Covalent?

What is invisible and all around us? It is air. Air is composed of a number of gases, the most abundant of them being nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%). The …

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