Is Smoke A Colloid

Is Smoke A Colloid?

In the vast world of science, billions of everyday occurrences still cannot be explained. There is no answer to questions like, “what are the boundaries of the universe?” or “what …

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Do Cockroaches Feel Pain

Do Cockroaches Feel Pain?

There are millions of recognized insect species inhabiting our planet, and yet scientists are discovering more of them with each passing day. Many of these crawling or flying creatures live …

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Is Compound a Pure Substance?

To answer the question raised above you first need to understand what is MATTER? In simple language, matter is anything that has mass and occupies space. The entire universe is …

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Is SO2 Ionic or Covalent

Is SO2 Ionic or Covalent?

A very common question that is frequently asked is whether sulfur dioxide is an Ionic or Covalent bond. Before answering the question it is important to understand certain characteristics of …

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Is Benzene soluble in water

Is Benzene Soluble in Water?

Chemists endorse Benzene as their favorite compound. It has a unique diamond structure that makes it stand out. Benzene is a chemical compound consisting of 6 carbon atoms joined by …

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Do Meteors Orbit Around Sun

Do Meteors Orbit Around The Sun?

There are hundreds and thousands of celestial objects in the vast outer space, and we can only hope to discover all of them someday. However, thanks to the recent developments …

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Is cat litter Biodegradable

Is Cat Litter Biodegradable?

While the cats make an adorable pet, providing a proper litter for them is a wonder that only a few cat-owners can master. While there are numerous cat litters available …

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Is KCl Covalent or Ionic?

KCl is a metal halide salt with a molecular weight of 74.55 g/mol. It is an odorless and whitish or colorless crystalline solid which is saline in taste. The crystals …

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Is Masking Tape Biodegradable

Is Masking Tape Biodegradable?

When it comes to painting walls or creating sharp-color edges, it is important to safeguard other areas from unwanted color splashes with the right covering solution. Whenever you find yourself …

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