Is PCl3 Ionic or Covalent

Is PCl3 Ionic or Covalent?

Phosphorus Trichloride is an inorganic compound having the chemical formula PCl3. It is composed of phosphorus and chlorine, and hence, it is a binary compound consisting of two different elements. …

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Is AlCl3 Ionic or Covalent

Is AlCl3 Ionic or Covalent?

Let us study the nature of an antiperspirant compound known as aluminum chloride. Aluminum chloride is also identified as aluminum trichloride. The formula of this compound is AlCl3(H2O)n (n = …

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Is CS2 Ionic or Covalent

Is CS2 Ionic or Covalent?

Carbon disulfide, also known as carbon bisulfide or disulfide carbon is a chemical name for CS2, which consists of carbon and sulfide ions. Carbon disulfide is a colorless liquid having …

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Is MgCl2 Ionic or Covalent?

Magnesium Chloride is a chemical compound that is represented by the formula MgCl2. These salts are highly soluble in water and form ionic halides. In the anhydrous state, the Magnesium …

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