Can You Recycle Metal Hangers?

Can you recycle metal hangers

If you are an American who regularly collects items from dry cleanings, then you might have a small pile of wire nests in your closet. Yes, I am talking about metal hangers.

Are you that person? Are you one of the people because of whom 3.5 billion hangers are deposited in US landfills?

Instead of throwing your hangers away, you have a choice to take action and make good use of these hangers.

Can you recycle metal hangers? Yes, you can, but it can be difficult. Most recycling facilities do not accept metal hangers. It is because of their unique shape that they get stuck in the machinery that recycles. You just need to find a recycling facility that accepts unwanted metal hangers.

Are you wondering about how you can recycle metal hangers? Well, you can do it right in your home! How can you find recycling facilities that accept these hangers? We have covered it all for you regarding recycling metal hangers.

But before exploring various aspects of recycling metal hangers, we’ll discuss the recyclability of hangers made of plastic and wood as well. Just stay with us to know all about it.


Recyclability of various hangers

Did you know that not all hangers are recyclable? Hangers have a wide range of varieties. Sometimes they can come in beautiful colors.

They can even come in various shapes, forms, and sizes. With the coming of different shapes and sizes, hangers are made of different materials.

The hangers that we mostly see around us are made up of either plastics, wood, or metal wires. The possibility of recycling your hangers largely depends on its shape and what it is made of.

Before sending any material to recycling, you must always check your municipality guidelines regarding the recyclability of that material.

Also, you will have to look out for prohibitions of different materials at various recycling centers. It is because not all recycling facilities accept hangers.

Now, let’s get right to the recyclability of different hangers.


Can you recycle plastic hangers?

The most popular kind of hangers that we see around us are plastic hangers. Now, the question arises of whether you can recycle it or not.

Most of the plastic hangers are manufactured by using polystyrene or polycarbonate.

Well, polystyrene is a number 6 plastic. You might be wondering what a number 6 plastic even means?

Number 6 plastics are kinds of plastics that are extremely difficult to recycle. Hangers are already difficult to recycle because of their shapes.

Now, along with plastics that are difficult to recycle, you can conclude that they cannot be recycled. It will be very difficult to carry out the process of recycling plastic hangers.

This can come as a surprise or a shock as most plastics are recyclable, but plastic hangers are not.

Most of the time, it is even difficult to figure out what kind of plastics are used in making hangers.

You can always reuse them or donate them to different stores.

Did you know that 85 percent of plastic hangers end up in landfills? It is because very few people accept them for reuse.

Plastic metal hangers


Can you recycle wooden hangers?

You usually see wooden hangers for hanging coats and jackets in various shops and dry cleaning centers. You might be thinking if hangers are made of wood, they can surely be recyclable.

But guess what? Wooden hangers cannot be recycled. Isn’t this surprising? Now, what could be the reason behind the non-recyclability of wooden hangers?

These hangers can’t be recycled because producers apply varnish on wood as one of the finishing touches to the product. Therefore, the varnish is the reason behind the non-recyclability of wooden hangers.

However, if these wooden hangers have a metal hook, you can recycle that. The metal hooks can be recycled at a scrap metal recycling dealer.

Wooden Hangers


Can you recycle metal hangers?

As stated earlier, metal hangers can indeed be recycled. As most metal hangers are made of steel, few scrap metal recyclers can accept them. Steel is a very valuable product that is used for industrial purposes.

Usually, metal hangers are not accepted by recycling facilities. But, if you are a resident of New York City, you are lucky! You get to put your metal hangers in any of the recycling bins across New York City, as recycling metal hangers are a part of their curbside program.

Honestly, it depends on the city in which you are living. While in New York City, you can recycle them, but you wouldn’t have much luck in recycling metal hangers in cities like San Francisco.

You must always research online first to recycle this product.

There are many kinds of websites that act as locators of recycling facilities and tell you whether you can recycle a particular material in different recycling centers or not.

Earth911 is one such website that helps you find a recycling center around you, where metal hangers might be accepted.

After knowing that metal hangers are recyclable but are difficult to do so. What do you do if you can’t find any recycling facilities around you? Tossing them away in your bin is surely not the option.

Read on to know what you can do with your unwanted metal hangers.

Metal hangers


How can you recycle your metal hangers at home?

As wire hangers are made of metals, they are malleable and can be easily shaped to perform different functions. Knowing this, you can easily recycle your unwanted metal hangers right in your homes!

With the coming trends of DIY projects, you can upcycle and recycle your metal hangers into something useful. You can even sell your upcycled and recycled products online if you play with your imagination and creativity.

The following are a few hacks that you can follow:

1. Making a plant hanger: With pliers, a metal hanger, and a flower pot you can create an amazingly creative plant hanger.

You just have to bend the wire hanger in different angles with the pliers, and voila! Your plant hanger will be ready.

DIY hangers

2. Framing your artworks and photographs: You can add a touch of creativity and innovation to your memorable photographs and amazing artworks with frames made out of metal hangers.

You can simply make a frame out of metal hangers by using pliers and bending the wires at 90 degrees angle at 4 points.

3. Using them to hang paper rolls: A metal hanger can be easily recycled to hang paper rolls. You just have to open the ends of the hanger and slide the paper roll into it.

4. Support for climber plants: If you have creeper plants at home, you can surely use hangers for their support.

5. Making giant bubble wands: If your kids are bored at home, you can add a bit of fun to their lives. You can do so by converting metal hangers into giant bubble wands.

Just pour some bubble soap or any detergent into a bucket or a large shallow dish and dip the wand. Now, create giant bubbles and have lots of fun.

6. Hanging photographs: You can even hang your photographs around your room. Decorating your room with your memories is a great way to revisit your best moments in life.

You just need some cloth hanging clips and wire hangers. Take your polaroid or any type of photo and hang them on your once unwanted metal hangers.

7. Hanging your flip flops: You can easily bend your wire hanger in the shape of a hook and use it to hang your flip flops.

8. Helps to break static bonds: Metal hangers can easily help you break static bonds. You just need to run your wire hanger in between two clinging pieces of fabric. You might be wondering that what are static bonds?

Static bonds are created due to the production of static electricity between clothes or any object. These bonds are created when objects rub against each other. It usually occurs when humidity is low.


Other alternatives for unwanted metal hangers

Suppose you are convinced that all of the methods of recycling and upcycling are applied, and now, you feel that this hanger is no longer useful. Guess what?

It can still be useful if you follow the following pathways. You can take these pathways even when you don’t want to recycle your metal hangers and look for other alternatives.

Giving them to different dry cleaners: Whenever you give your clothing items for dry cleaning. You are always returned the clothes with hangers in them. You can provide these dry cleaning centers with your unwanted metal hangers.

They can reuse it and return the clothes of their customers with these hangers.

Donating it to charity: You can always donate them to various charity organizations. Donating them to charities will put them to good use, and these hangers will be reused.

If you donate them to any Non-Profit Organisations that take care of poor children and families, then they can easily reuse them.



Final thoughts

As we come to an end to this article, we realize that metal hangers are indeed recyclable. They are difficult to recycle but not impossible.

In New York City, you can easily recycle metal wire hangers, but in order to find other recycling facilities that accept these kinds of hangers, you need to use websites that locates recycling centers around you.

Remember that tossing away your hangers in the dustbin is not the first step that you should take. You can always take a small step in reducing the wastes ending up in landfills and reduce pollution by recycling and upcycling your metal hangers.

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